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Art of Melaka : Teow Chew Bakul (Teow Chew Na)

Teochew Basket, 潮洲篮 (in Mandarin) is made of bamboo and wicker, decorated with auspicious motifs of pomegranates and peonies. This basket would be used as a container for ceremonial offerings, either as part of the ritual in weddings or for ancestral offerings. The loop at the top of the handle allowed bamboo poles to be slipped through them. People would hang this basket on each end of the pole and transport the baskets to their destination.

People nowadays use this basket for various purposes or events such as wedding or feast to keep fruits, cakes, dodol or traditional Melaka snacks/products.

Product Description: 

  • Teow Chew Basket made by Bamboo natural material
  • Single Levels 
  • Suitable to be used for wedding decoration and traditional activity
  • Ready stock, can be shipped once order made. 
  • Colour: Natural Colour

Teow Chew Basket /Hokkien Wedding Basket / HandcraftedBasket

PriceFrom RM195.00
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